Vous avez joué à Papy Stampy au Stunfest et vous souhaitez donner votre avis afin de faire évoluer le jeu ?
ça se passe içi !


Papy stampy is a 2D side scrolling platformer on Android. The game is still in construction, therefore the following screenshots and video captures are work in progress.
The game will be available on both the Android Google Play and Ouya.


The trailer

The flyer

Papy Stampy - FlyerClick to see the flyer at full resolution

The whole Story


Papy Stampy will be presented at the Stunfest in Rennes between the 2nd and the 4th of May 2014!
More about it here

Several game assets were created with in-house editors:

  • The animated sprites were built with Sprite atlas builder
  • The levels were built with Level builder 2D.


In-game video capture (quiet old video)

Screen captures

Level editing…